What is a Mo-Fo?

The Real Meaning of an Ugly Word

In case you’re not sure what the word “Mo-fo” stands for . . . it’s MotherFucker – possibly the worst swear in the English language. When people hear this word thrown around, they instinctively cringe. They’re thinking of abominable acts. Understandably.

So, many folks use some other words when describing an awful, horrible person, even someone as distasteful as Donald Trump. People will use a different description because they wish to avoid insulting mothers and their honourable place in our hearts.

But I do believe that Donald Trump is a mo-fo, along with many others like him. And here’s why.

First, let’s look at the concept of Mother. We all have one; she’s the source of our own life and being-hood. Whatever our adult relationship with Mother, we recognize her as the original provider of our very existence.

But more than this, the word Mother signifies the Earth – all that is matter, sustenance, life, abundance and growth. The Mother is where we come from and also where we live, the one who feeds us.

So, in this regard, most of us hold a deep reverential awe for that which brings us forth and sustains us.

Now, for the word Fucker. A Fucker generally describes someone who doesn’t just have sex, but who screws people over completely. These people have no regard for others at all. They get away with insolence, cheating, hosing, posing, using and abusing all manner of person, place, animal and thing. A Fucker can be someone who steals your car, who butts in line, or who says something mean about you behind your back. To any or all of these, you might respond, “That fucker!” In other words, a Fucker is someone who emits disrespect in all the worst possible ways.

Bring together the cheapened depravity of the Fucker with the supreme honour deserving of the Mother, and there you have it: the MotherFucker. The mo-fo. This is someone who hurts, maims, abuses, disregards and disrespects what is highest and most worthy of care and dignity.

So, in effect, mo-fo’s are dedicated to working against the nurturing of all mothers and potential mothers everywhere. They undermine all efforts to spread love and decency in the world. They have no reverence toward the vast kajillions of others who just want our babies to thrive and be happy.

Mo-fo’s show no concern for the ravages undergone by our Earth, and they’d rather make excuses for bolstering their own wealth, power and privilege than help any of the Mother’s children out there.

With this definition, I’d say that about 1% or more of the world’s population are mo-fo’s, and many of them are in denial. They’re probably the first in line to describe this type of lingo as totally base and beneath them.

But if you remove the nasty sexual connotation and give the phrase its highest due – the meaning of “one who screws over the Mother” – then you’ve got a most appropriate description for the likes of Donald Trump, climate change deniers, oil barons, and anyone who consistently fails to recycle their plastic containers.

Now, you can go and give it a guilt-free try!

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