The Tiger in My Belly

The tiger in my belly is the colour of peaches & licorice

Peaches & licorice are what she likes to eat

To eat is to make moist, chew, swallow & digest

Swallow & digest all that is made of the good earth

The good earth which provides in its fullness & abundance

Fullness & abundance that shouldn’t be taken for granted

Taken for granted like some cheaply-made replica

Replica from a time when nuance & quality counted

& quality counted the days by depth of feeling

Depth of feeling & verifiable response, the true measures

True measures by which all things abide

All things abide by certain cosmic laws & statutes

Laws & statutes that nobody even has to try to obey

To obey them is so deeply in accordance with our own nature

Our own nature that manifests with the strength of wind

Strength of wind, softness of water, hardness of earth

Earth is foundation and fierceness is in fire

In fire we are lit with spirit and given each of us a chance

Chance has it we will partly squander that in illusions

Illusions which sometimes satisfy and other times not so

So choose carefully how & where to align the soul

The soul wants a certain direction, a connection, a flow

Flow into the depth of feeling & into the quality

The quality of nuance in the bones of your body

Your body the earth in its full abundance of digestion

Digestion in the root of the unknown, soft belly

Soft belly full of peaches & licorice, skin of the tiger

The tiger that prowls around inside my soft belly

Soft belly full of peaches & licorice

Skin of the tiger