War & Peace: A Travelogue

Road-tripped down the Oregon Coast, through several charming seaside towns. Tidy, old, weatherbeaten Cannon Beach. Unpretentious Manzanita. Their beaches stretched out on soft, light gold sand as waves came long and rolling. Read more →

The Dark Side of Promises

To most people in the world, a promise stands for a sort of vow. When you promise, you are swearing to never do otherwise than your promise. Then, if you break it, you are a bad and untrustworthy person. This means others have the right to shame, shun and abandon you. Read more →

The True Nature of Tattoos

I have found designing and imprinting permanent art on my body to be a soothing, cathartic and meaningful way to recognize themes, movements, changes, unions, balances and the workings of time, across the spectrum of my whole life. Read more →