Covid-19 Lockdown

streets are not built for emptiness

sheets are not woven for emptiness

hearts don’t pump blood for emptiness

electricity doesn’t buzz for emptiness

plants do not grow for emptiness

shelves don’t hold emptiness

books aren’t filled with emptiness

voices won’t sing with emptiness

hands are not for holding emptiness

words aren’t spoken in emptiness

ears do not hear emptiness

stores don’t sell emptiness

exercise doesn’t burn emptiness

cupboards don’t fill with emptiness

fridges don’t cool down emptiness

trucks do not ship emptiness

stomachs don’t digest emptiness

sleep does not rest on emptiness

cars do not drive emptiness

money doesn’t spend emptiness

stories don’t tell emptiness

smiles don’t widen emptiness

arms do not hug emptiness

floors aren’t for walking on emptiness

waves do not crest on emptiness

animals can’t eat emptiness

nests aren’t constructed in emptiness

laughter isn’t heard in emptiness

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