Expanding into what is.

The pink sunburnt hot vulnerable face.

The sadness with the weight of a herd of dead elephants.

The relentless sun.

The wine stains on my mouth.

The prospect of being away for two days.

The sadness like a massive swath of colour missing from my rainbow.

What the heck do I have to be sad for?

Look at my aliveness, look at the love in my heart. Look at my pulsation.

But right now it is big and so so sad.

I am an elephant graveyard of sad.

My eyebrows are just squished caterpillars on the highway. Totally useless.

Toes itchy.

Heart aching like a SON OF A BITCH.

How will I make it through all these hours and days?

This is my week of composure.


I will only cry in the washrooms during this entire trip.

Only the washrooms.

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