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While I’m out in the world buying things and paying for services, I often notice a depth of impersonality and disconnection that I believe is lethal to the human spirit. In fact, I think this disconnection is fuelled by advertising and it’s a primary source of the major depression and anxiety epidemic we’ve got going in our world nowadays.
I’d happily wager that if everyone were able to engage more with the sources of their goods and services, the world would be a kinder, cleaner place with less in the way of spiritual, social and environmental degradation.
Alas . . . we have shopping and buying. And we are told on a daily basis that nothing will ever be peaceful or good enough unless we shop and buy more.
So if I have to shop and buy, if I have to be a consumer, then I’m going to darn well be honest about my human experience around that. I’m going to tell the absolute truth about how much or little every interaction blooms or withers my soul.

Crystal Pool

Quadra St @ Pembroke (3.5/5 stars) I’ll admit, I bought a membership to this place because it’s only a 10-minute walk from my studio. A downtown establishment, Crystal Pool is known for its large bulbous skylights that invite great amounts of daylight. It’s an older fitness centre with cracks in the pool and a variable population, but the steam room,… Read more →

Pho Boi

A good pho is largely about the depth of flavour in the stock. After trying so many soup stocks, I have to say the one at Pho Boi always comes through. Read more →