The True Nature of Tattoos

I have found designing and imprinting permanent art on my body to be a soothing, cathartic and meaningful way to recognize themes, movements, changes, unions, balances and the workings of time, across the spectrum of my whole life.

What is a Mo-Fo?

When people hear this word thrown around, they instinctively cringe. They’re thinking of abominable acts. Understandably.

Drugs Aren’t the Answer (Duh)

Most of us wish there was a little magic pill that could take away all of our suffering and our worries . . . Turns out, there is. Not just one, but many. Valium, Ativan, Xanax.

Over the Hill

Nearing the crest was the hardest.
I recall viewing it from far away
as if it were only a simple prospect
& not a hard fast guarantee